The world’s approximately 70,000 newspapers now have a comprehensive partner for growing revenue and profits. Our founder has more than thirty years of experience in finance & technology, of which 20 years is specifically in the newspaper industry. He also has more than ten years of experience as an owner/publisher of several community (printed) newspapers.

Global Newspaper Solution's roadmap for prosperity:
  1. Classifieds: Robust classifieds can significantly increase circulation and retail revenue
  2. Converging Digital with Print: Easy with GNS
  3. Converging Television with Print: Profitably create and distribute a hyper-local television broadcast
  4. All the bits and pieces: How GNS and our partners make it easy
  5. Postal processing, technology, other current solutions and our future plans


GNS officially launches digital newspaper solutions service

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Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution now integrates with CMSs (content management systems) and...

GNS launches digital bundling and ERP (enterprise resource planning)

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Newspapers finally have a solution that converges print & digital...

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Steve has more than 40 years in newspaper ownership, journalism...